Designed for simplicity

Access anywhere? Done. The app

Snap Manage runs on the web. That means you never have to install the app or worry if you have the latest version. It also means you can open it on any device.

Out of town and you need to check on revenues? Computer goes down and all you have is your smartphone? All you have to do is open up and sign in.

Realtime search Signing members in

Let customers check themselves in or keep a receptionist at the entrance. It is simple with Snap Manage's real time search. Signing a member in is only a few taps away.

We don't use frustrating fingerprint scanners or easy to lose member cards. Members don't need to remember an ID number either. All they need is their name.

Spotlight on Online Payments

Payments for monthly plans are made simple when you can accept debit and credit cards. A member can be charged monthly for a plan so there will be no worries for missing a payment.

Text & Emailing Messaging

A mid-winter snow storm rolls through and you have to let your members know their session is cancelled? Simple. You can send a text or email to let them know instantly.

Missed payments? A thing of the past. Plan Master

The Plan Master makes all your member's subscriptions searchable and understandable. You can find out if anyone needs to renew their plan tomorrow instantly.

Interested yet?

After pixels of scrolling, you've certainly earned that 2 week free trial.

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