We simplify managment for fitness centers and health clubs.

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Say goodbye to ID cards

Your members have one less card to keep track of than everyone else. Members don't have to keep track of ID cards. You don't have to replace them.

Realtime search makes it simple to check members in as they walk in.

Payments simplified

We make it a snap to process credit & debit cards. You can accept credit cards and set up automatic subscriptions easily. Your money arrives in your bank account 7 days later.

Access your system anywhere

Snap Manage is anywhere you have an internet connection. Load the web app up on your laptop or phone the same way you would with desktop. Keep up to date on your center while you are at home, work, or hundreds of miles away.

Keep your members in the know

Email and text your members straight from Snap Manage. Let them know if their session is cancelled, their membership is about to expire, or about upcoming events.

Never miss a payment

Plan Master lets you see which members are past due and which ones have upcoming dues. Renew their membership in a single step and never miss a payment.

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